After 4 loooong months away because of Covid-19, we’re finally stepping back out!


Booking Walks

Our walk locations have had to be moved to allow for social distancing; we have also scheduled walks at the start and end of the day to hopefully avoid most people. I was trying to avoid weekends, but don’t seem to have succeeded!

We have at least 2 different walks from each location, and will aim to find others as time goes on. Walks cannot be guaranteed to last exactly the time frame listed (check walk description for details of distance/terrain/hills etc), so if this is an issue to you please do not book

At this time, everyone will walk together as a group (with social distancing) with no looping back. Since we have no idea what everyone’s’ fitness levels and speeds are like we are erring on the side of caution with distances/duration, but we will look to offer faster & slower paced walks as we modify our timetable

We will be offering 7 walks across 6 days per week initially (we will be reviewing the timetable on a regular basis). Now, we cannot look after the whole of our client base with just 7 number-restricted walks a week, so I am asking you to please book just one walk a week until we can increase numbers on walks (If there is space less than 12hrs before the start you are welcome to book onto a second walk).

Please check when booking that you are booked on the walk and not placed on a waiting list. If you turn up when on a waiting list you will be unable to take part

If you end up on the waiting list, you will be numerically placed according to when you booked on compared with others. If anyone books off the walk you will be bumped up the waiting list. If you’re in waiting list position 1 you will be moved on to the walkers list as soon as anyone books off. Email confirmations get sent out each time things change on the waiting list. If you do not make it onto the walk you will be automatically refunded

PLEASE NOTE: The late cancellation policy is more important now than ever as a late cancellation will almost definitely affect someone else getting on to the activity. Owing to demand we would appreciate timely cancellations from the walkers list or the waiting list if you cannot attend, so as to give others their opportunity to attend (our cancellation policy still applies for those on the walkers list)

We will be constantly re-assessing walk times/locations/capacity as time goes on and guidelines are updated. If you have any feedback, let us know

You will be asked to keep 2m apart from others at all times (unless you live in the same household). If you do not agree with this and it will be an issue, please do not book

Please do not book on for a walk if you think you may have symptoms, or do have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms

There will be no toilet facilities before/after any of our walks. As such, all walks will be approx. 90mins, except the Friday teaser which might be 2hrs depending on location. Check walk description for details

Apart from our Sunday evening walk there will be no café afterwards. If you wish to bring a drink/snack we will be offering car boot cafes so we can still have a chat but maintain social distancing

It will not be mandatory to wear a face mask/covering, although you are welcome to wear one if you feel more comfortable, but you should carry one with you on the walk


You will notice as you book on walks/classes that new Physical Activity Readiness Questions (PARQ) have been added to the system in light of Covid-19. Each time you book onto a walk, you need to agree that either your PARQ is up to date or if something has changed that needs to be updated. If you do not update your PARQ you will be cancelled off the walk

New questions:

  • Do you currently have any symptoms of coronavirus (however mild)? For symptoms see Check if you have coronavirus symptoms
  • Has any member of your household or somebody you have been in close contact with displayed any symptoms of coronavirus or been tested positive for the disease within the past 14 days? WALX / Nordic Walking UK strongly recommends that participants in group walks and classes are using the NHS contact tracing app to minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus disease.
  • Have you been notified by the NHS contact tracing app that you should be self-isolating for 14 days?
  • Your instructor may implement specific Coronavirus safety measures such as: 2m personal separation; the wearing of face masks. Do you have any concerns about adhering to rules set by your instructor?

If you are on the vulnerable or clinically vulnerable list you must be cleared by your GP to attend. An email to that effect must be sent to NWTameside@gmail.com at least 48 hours before a walk so that checks can be made (this might change when shielding ends but at the moment it is required by our insurers, so if you’re on the vulnerable lists you might want to start looking into it). This can be an email/letter from your GP, or from you stating you have discussed the situation with your GP and they are happy for you to join our group walks



If you wish to borrow poles these will be provided, but please ensure you contact the walk leader as soon as you book to ensure there are some available (if booked on a beginner’s course/taster session, poles are automatically provided). You will be responsible for adjusting the height. After a walk you will be asked to leave poles by the walk leader’s car and place the straps in the bag provided. Straps will put straight into the washing machine, and poles will be washed with soapy water and then a disinfectant before being quarantined for a minimum of 72hrs. As a result, the number of poles available to borrow will be severely limited!

If you wish to purchase your own poles to guarantee you have some to use and reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, we will be running a shop’n’drop with delivery to Jane on Friday 24 July (order by 5pm on Weds 22 July). Contact Jane if you need any advice


Safety considerations whilst walking
Please keep 2m apart at all times. This is the length of 2 Nordic Walking poles. If anyone loses concentration and comes within your space, it is totally acceptable and justified to kindly let them know immediately. Let’s look out for ourselves and each other at all times

We will choose routes with as much space as possible and for those times we need to be in single file, please keep looking ahead rather than turning around talking

At times we may need to pause to allow other path users to pass. We will endeavour to keep you 2m from other people on our walks, but there are a lot of idiots out there, and every walk has a pinch point

If we are unable to socially distance we will ask you to turn away from the person until they have passed. If possible, the walk leader will go ahead at a pinch point to ensure the way is clear. In these situations, please wait until you are told it is safe to proceed

If at any time you feel uncomfortable about anything, please do not hesitate to say. The walk leader won’t be offended!

Gates will be opened and closed by the walk leader to limit the number of people touching them

Usual stile crossing etiquette is not possible in these times so we would ask that you put your own poles through/over the stile before crossing with full care and attention, before collecting your poles and moving away from the area so we can all keep social distancing. We advise using hand sanitiser after touching a stile or gate

We will only shout and/or blow the whistle if absolutely necessary and if more than 2m away from anyone.

Should a first aid situation arise, we will endeavour to assist from a 2m distance. If this is not possible and urgent assistance is needed we will ask you to put on your face mask/covering, whilst the walk leader administers first aid. Walk leaders will wear a face mask/covering and use hand sanitiser before helping you.

It is up to you to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in a walk



  • You must carry hand sanitiser
  • You must carry a face mask or covering
  • You must be cleared by your GP to attend if you are on the vulnerable lists and an email to that effect must be sent to NWTameside@gmail.com at least 48 hours before a walk (this might change when shielding ends but at the moment it is required by our insurers, so if you’re on the vulnerable lists you might want to start looking into it)
  • You must comply with the direction of the walk leader
  • You must social distance (2m) as directed by the walk leader
  • You must not share equipment
  • You must update your PARQ on Exercise Anywhere to complete the COVID specific questions. Please ensure your answers are accurate EVERY TIME you book onto and attend a walk
  • You must cancel yourself off a walk/waiting list if you think you may have symptoms, or do have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms
  • You must agree to your name being shared with the NHS Test & Trace system if required
Updated: June 29, 2020 — 1:36 pm