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Nordic Walking Tameside (a Nordic Walking UK group) can help you get whatever you want out of Nordic Walking. We teach people of all ages and fitness levels how to Nordic walk using a range of techniques to suit individual client needs, as well as running regular walks around Tameside.

Do you:

  • enjoy being outdoors?

  • want to explore different parts of Tameside in a fun, sociable group?

  • want to increase your activity level?

  • want to improve your fitness levels?

  • have joint problems and are looking for a safe form of exercise?

  • want to lower your stress levels?

  • hate the gym?

  • want to feel fitter, healthier and happier?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, book onto a Learn To Nordic Walk course, or come and try a free taster session.

We have taster sessions, Learn To Nordic Walk courses, and regular walks to suit all abilities and fitness levels across the Tameside area, and nearly all walks finish near a café so members can have a well-deserved coffee

Jane Lees – Instructor

I started having lower back problems in 2010 and spent a small fortune on physios. Eventually one of them advised me to build my core strength and exercise more – easier said than done when you’re in pain! – and, I always hated exercising, gyms were so boring and lonely. Then in February 2015 I signed up for a Nordic Walking UK Taster session, and I haven’t looked back. My back feels great and I no longer worry about hurting it. I’ve met so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and made lots of new friends.

In 2017 I decided to take my love of Nordic Walking one step further and trained to be a NWUK Accredited Instructor and set up Nordic Walking Tameside so I can help others experience the benefits of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking allows me to really enjoy exercising whenever and wherever it suits, and at whatever pace I fancy on that day. I’ve found Nordic Walking is a great way to relax, improve your mood, and improve your activity/fitness levels in a fun and sociable group (the bacon butties and coffee after walks help as well 😊)

Joanne Slater (Jo) – Walk Leader

Jo started Nordic walking back in 2015 following severe back problems. After not being able to walk or drive for nearly 2 years, and then having to undergo back surgery, she was suffering from back, hip and knee pain, she was overweight and her mental health was suffering badly! She took up Nordic walking not only for the health benefits, but also to meet new people and get different insights into life.

Jo trained as a Walk Leader in January 2018. She has seen & experienced how much Nordic walking helps people become stronger, increase mobility and fitness, and saw the reward both physically and mentally for all ages and abilities.

Alison Hulston (Ali) – Walk Leader

I have been Nordic Walking for nearly 4 years now. I initially joined because I loved walking and at that time I only walked my dog, which if any of you have dogs know, it’s a bit stop and start because I can’t let my dog off the lead. I wanted to improve my fitness , (which was non existent) and mental health.  And running and gyms did not appeal to me.

I had read an article on Nordic Walking and decided to give it a go. Right from the word go I loved it, you meet such nice people and get to walk in places that you would never go to on your own. You meet people from all walks of life who all want the same thing ……to get fit, walk and chat.

When I first started, I was always at the back of the group, huffing and puffing, stopping and starting. Now I am a lot fitter and a walk leader for Jane, which I really enjoy. Although sometimes it can be a bit of a magical mystery tour if I don’t have Jane’s fab directions !!! I’ve never lost anyone yet !!! And by the way I still don’t like hills even though I can walk up them now.

So why not try one of the free taster sessions. You never know it might just be the start of something new and you will always be made welcome no matter what your level of fitness.

Mary Fitton – Walk Leader

I’d always been interested in Nordic Walking but couldn’t find any Nordic Walking Groups close to where I live. So, I walked the dog regularly, sometimes went on longer walks at weekends and also enjoyed some leisurely walking holidays.
2017: I had chemotherapy and then found out I had severe osteoporosis
2018: I met Jane and Jo at a “Healthy Living/Self Care” event in Hyde market place. I signed up for more information and the raffle to win free Learn To course. I won the raffle and haven’t looked back since!

Nordic walking is an ideal exercise for my osteoporosis. I regularly walk two times a week, usually the 1.5 hour walks. The beauty of these walks is that they don’t take too much time out of the day – even though I stay for a sociable coffee afterwards. I thought at first, being in my late 60s, I would not be able to keep up with the group, but you can join in the walking whatever your level of fitness. Keep going and your fitness and stamina improves. It’s surprising how much more confidant and faster my walking is now! I’ve met so many nice people. I’ve discovered the countryside around Tameside.

Keeping fit and being sociable. A great combination!


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