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Walk Start Times

We have had a few incidents lately with people arriving for walks at the last minute or late. We have been fairly flexible up to now, but it is unfair to those that make the effort to arrive early. From now on, we will be adhering to the following rules: Please arrive for walks at […]

Covid Guidelines 13 July 2021

Covid restrictions are lifting on Monday 19 July, HOWEVER, our walk guidelines will not be. The government has advised we proceed with caution, and not act as though Covid has disappeared, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. Some of you may disagree, but we have to take into consideration everyone that walks with us, […]

COVID Safety on Walks

Update 2 July 2021 We work extremely hard to keep everybody safe, so if you feel you cannot abide by the Government’s restrictions we ask that you do not attend walks. We have lots of vulnerable and clinically vulnerable people in the group, so whilst you might be willing to take the risk, they are […]

THREE New Walks!

As well as our regular walks, we are currently trialling 2 new walk times! Tuesday Walk & Talk (10-11:30am, Gee Cross Hyde) A 4 mile moderate paced walk around Gee Cross. We`ll either head off into Werneth Low Country Park or down to Haughton Dale. There will be some hills, but there will also be […]


From January 2020, we’ll be using What3Words in out location details, making it easier for you to find those out-of-the-way (or not so out-of-the-way in some cases) meeting spots! what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. Every 3m square in the world has been assigned a unique 3 word address that will never […]

Monthly Membership

Save! Save! Save! Regular walkers can save money by becoming a Monthly Member. If you walk 4-5 times per month, sign up for our £25 monthly membership, and you get these amazing benefits:  All walks less than 2hrs long are FREE  Minimum 30% discount on all walks over 2hrs  Protected against walk price increases  Priority booking […]

2019 Round-up!

2019 was our best year yet, and it’s all because of you! If you didn’t join us for walks, we wouldn’t have anything to do, we’d just be walking around talking to ourselves with no excuse to eat bacon butties! In all seriousness, just take a look at the image below. From walks with 1 person […]

Fit & Fabulous for Christmas!

We’re pleased to announce our Fit & Fabulous for Christmas programme for Thursday nights! And we’re introducing a great loyalty programme! There are 15 Thursday’s between now and Christmas. Anybody joining a walk will be issued a loyalty card, and after attending 5 walks you’ll get one 60 or 90 minute walk! Attend all 15 and there’s a special […]