COVID Safety on Walks

We work extremely hard to keep everybody safe, so if you feel you cannot abide by the Government’s restrictions we ask that you do not attend walks. We have lots of vulnerable and clinically vulnerable people in the group, so whilst you might be willing to take the risk, they are not

Breaking government COVID guidelines comes with hefty fines so please read the following information carefully. If we are reported that means the end of walks

We appreciate there is a lot to remember, but most of it is common sense. If we find people are repeatedly breaking the rules, we will stop them from joining walks



NWUK have added a question to the PARQ asking if you have been vaccinated. Whilst I would hope everyone that can will get the vaccine, it is not mandatory and there are lots of people that are unable to have it. Your vaccination status will not impact your ability to join walks. The PARQ question is optional (even though it doesn’t say that) so you can leave it blank if you want


Booking Walks

1) Please ensure you have read, understand, and agree with the COVID rules before booking

2) Please ensure your PARQ is up to day EVERY TIME you book onto and attend a walk. If anything has changed, there is the option to update it each time you book. You can update it later by going into a booked walk and then clicking “my PARQ needs to be updated”

3) Please do not book a walk if:

  • You, or a member of your household, or somebody you have been in close contact with, has displayed any symptoms of coronavirus, or has tested positive for the disease, within the past 14 days
  • You have been notified by the NHS contact tracing app that you should be self-isolating

4) You must cancel yourself off a walk/waiting list if you think you may have symptoms, or do have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms

5) By attending a walk you agree to your name being shared with the NHS Test & Trace system if required


Before Walks

1) Masks

  • We ask that you wear a mask when gathering before a walk. Please put this on BEFORE joining the rest of the group. No mask = No walk. Let Jane know if you’re exempt
  • Buffs/neck gaiters/morf bands (& any other name they go by) are not suitable for use as masks unless they are well fitted and folded at least 3 times. The material is designed to be breathable so will not stop COVID as effectively as a mask
  • Think of your mask like underwear. How frequently do you wash your underwear? Use that as a guide for how often to wash a mask

2) Stay 2m apart from others

3) We advise carrying a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you on walks. We have re-fillable bottles with clips, ideal for attaching to your bag, for sale at £2.50/bottle

4) Borrowing poles

  • Please use hand sanitiser before using the poles
  • please collect poles from the walk leader and then move away. If you need help setting them up, let the walk leader know and they will come and help you when they are free

5) Double bubble walks

  • Gather with people in your bubble only! You will receive a text the day before the walk telling you who you’re grouped with
  • Even if there is less than 6 people when you arrive, DO NOT mingle with them if they are not in your group
  • Groups should have at least 5m between them so they can be identified as separate groups
  • We will always put you with at least 1 person you are friendly with but we can’t guarantee a group will always be together. We know who you are friends with, you do not need to text the walk leader every week about it
  • If you are placed in a group away from friends, let us know and we will re-arrange things for the following walk

6) Saturday Stride Outs – please don’t gather in the entrance to The Allotment café. This prevents customers being able to enter


During Walks

1) Please keep 2m apart at all times. If you can reach out and touch someone with your pole you are too close

2) If anyone loses concentration and comes within your space, it is totally acceptable and justified to kindly let them know immediately. Let’s look out for ourselves and each other at all times

3) When you are behind somebody, you should ideally be at least 5m behind

4) Do not turn to talk to others. People can hear you even if you’re not looking at them

5) We will endeavour to keep you 2m from other people on our walks, but there are a lot of idiots out there, and every walk has a pinch point

6) Be aware of members of the public around you & do not expect them to move out of the way. Please go into single file behind the person at the front of the group. DO NOT all scatter like sheep!

7) At times we may need to pause to allow other path users to pass. Please move to the side in single file. If we are unable to maintain social distancing from them, please stop and turn away from the person until they have passed

8) If we stop for a drink/breather, please be aware of others and move off the path out of the way where possible

9) If possible, the walk leader will go ahead at pinch points to ensure the way is clear

10) Gates will be opened and closed by the walk leader to limit the number of people touching them

11) Usual stile crossing etiquette is not possible in these times so we would ask that you put your own poles through/over the stile before crossing with full care and attention, then collect your poles and move away from the area so we can all keep social distancing. We advise using hand sanitiser after touching a stile or gate

12) DO NOT hold or touch other peoples’ poles (unless they’re in your household)

13) If at any time you feel uncomfortable about anything, please do not hesitate to say. The walk leader won’t be offended!

14) DO NOT shout or raise your voice. This increases droplet transmission. Walk leaders will use a whistle to attract your attention

15) Should a first aid situation arise, we will endeavour to assist from a 2m distance. If this is not possible and urgent assistance is needed we will ask you to put on your face mask/covering, whilst the walk leader administers first aid. Walk leaders will use hand sanitiser and wear a face mask/covering & disposable gloves before helping you.

16) It is up to you to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in a walk


After Walks

People will be watching us, please don’t suddenly start bunching up and speaking in big groups! Instead please disperse and return to your cars

Borrowed poles

  • Please link the straps together (ask the walk leader to demonstrate if you are unsure) and place in the bag provided
  • Please place poles NEXT TO the walk leaders car, not inside, so they can be cleaned
Updated: February 23, 2021 — 12:28 pm