Fit & Fabulous for Christmas!

We’re pleased to announce our Fit & Fabulous for Christmas programme for Thursday nights! And we’re introducing a great loyalty programme!

There are 15 Thursday’s between now and Christmas. Anybody joining a walk will be issued a loyalty card, and after attending 5 walks you’ll get one 60 or 90 minute walk! Attend all 15 and there’s a special prize!

On the first & third Thursday of the month (except September when it’s the 2nd Thursday), we will be running a 60 minute walk focusing on you getting fitter! This walk is SUITABLE FOR ALL!

We’ll be getting power walking with poles and getting those hearts pumping! The walk will focus on improving your cardio-vascular fitness. It is fun and will challenge you appropriately. These action packed one hour walks are designed to help you to improve your fitness levels and gain results. Using the natural lay of the land you will strengthen your body with the resistance of the pole plant technique, tone up and lose weight.

On the other Thursday’s we’ll still be walking around Stalybridge & Carrbrook, so there’ll still be a workout to maintain your fitness levels, but we won’t be pushing you quite as hard 😉

Remember if you’re joining us, try and bring a head/chest torch and/or high vis clothing.

We hope to see you on a Thursday night walk soon!

Updated: September 9, 2019 — 2:30 pm