Monthly Membership

Save! Save! Save!
Regular walkers can save money by becoming a Monthly Member. If you walk 4-5 times per month, sign up for our £25 monthly membership, and you get these amazing benefits:
💰 All walks less than 2hrs long are FREE
💰 Minimum 30% discount on all walks over 2hrs
💰 Protected against walk price increases
💰 Priority booking on special events & holidays
💰 1 free walk per month with another Nordic Walking UK group
💰 Simple 1-click booking
💰 Money is paid by direct debit, so no more searching around for your credit card to top-up
To join, login to your account, click on the green ‘Change my package’ button at the top, and select the monthly payment option!
Updated: January 2, 2020 — 1:10 pm