NeWTs Branded Clothing!

We now have a range of NeWTs branded clothing for you to buy!!!

We’ve got a range of items in a variety of colours, as well as two different cap styles to choose from (including one with LEDs in the front of the peak which should come in handy on night walks! Or just walking the dog!)

If you would like anything that we haven’t listed, or have any questions about any of the items, let us know. Jane’s got one of most of the items and will (try to remember to) have them with her on walks


T-Shirts £20

Choose from Bright Purple or Purple Melange (more a mottled heather/lilac colour)

Sizes: Mens S 34″ M 38″ L 42″ XL 46″ 2XL 50″ 3XL 54″

Womens XS 8 S 10 M 12 L 14 XL 16


Hoodies  £35

S 36″ M 40″ L 44″ XL 48″ 2XL 52″  (Medium = women’s fitted 12)

Colour options

Print doesn’t have to be green so don’t feel you need to pick a hoodie colour that matches green. It can even be sparkly!


Zoodie (zip-up hoodie)  £35

“Girlie fit”: XS 8 S 10 M 12 L 14 XL 16  Colour options

Men: S 36″ M 40″ L 44″ XL 48″ 2XL 52″ 3XL 56″ 4XL 60″ 5XL 64″

(3XL-5XL available in black or French navy only)  Colour options


Morf Original  £9

Choose from purple with a lime green newt, or lime green with a purple newt


Caps  £15-20

Coolmax Cap £15 (black or white)

LED cap  £20 (black or navy)

All caps can be embroidered with either a purple or green newt


Beanie Hat  £10

Black with a green or grey & white stripe, or French navy with white stripe. Green or purple embroidered newt


Headband  £10

Choose from black, grey or navy with either a green or purple newt


Updated: October 29, 2019 — 6:41 pm