Walk Guidelines 26/11/2020

Please read these even if you think you already know what they’ll say as there a few small changes

1) If you think you may have COVID symptoms, or do have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, DO NOT attend the walk

2) Please stick to booking just 2 walks per week. If there is space on a walk 72 hours before you can book on as an extra walk. If you’d like to receive a free text notification about spaces, let Jane know

3) Use the waiting list As soon as we have at least 2 people on a waiting list we will always try to add another bubble or walk. If you don’t book onto the waiting list we don’t know there is a demand

4) Walks will be in groups of 6. Where there is demand, and where possible, we will add extra “bubbles”. Essentially it will be separate walks following one behind the other. We will send a text the day before to tell you which group you will be in

5) Wait with people in your walk group only! Groups should have at least 5m between them so they can be identified as separate groups

    • DO NOT chat to people in other groups before, during or after a walk
    • Please wear a mask when waiting for the walk to start. Not only will this make things safer while we are gathering, it will also allow the walk leader to check everyone has a mask. No mask, no walk. Masks can be removed when we start the warm up. Please note, if you are using a buff it will need to be folded to create at least 3 layers due to the thinness of the material

6) If you are borrowing poles, collect them from the walk leader and then move away. If you need help, let the walk leader know and they will help you when they are available. Please use hand sanitiser before borrowing them. After use, please link the straps together and place them into the plastic bag in the walk leader’s car. Poles should be left at the side of their car for them to sanitise

7) Stay at least 2m apart. Yes, it’s easy to drift closer, but if you can reach out & touch somebody with your poles you are too close. This includes when you are walking next to someone! If you are behind someone you should ideally be at least 5m behind them.

8) Do not turn to face the person you’re speaking to. They can still hear you even when you’re facing forward

9) Do not shout or raise your voice, this makes droplets travel further

10) If we meet someone coming the other way, everyone should go into single file (minimum 2m apart!) behind the person at the front of the group. DO NOT go to opposite sides of the path. If we cannot socially distance from members of the public, we will turn our backs to them until they have passed

11) Stiles – unclip, put your poles on the other side of the stile, climb over, collect your poles and move away. We advise using hand sanitiser after touching a gate or stile. DO NOT climb over the stile whilst holding your poles!

12) Do not hold/touch anyone elses poles unless they are in your household

13) Please check when booking that you are booked on the walk and not placed on a waiting list. If you turn up when on a waiting list you will be unable to take part

14) Cancelling Walks – if less than 24hrs before, DO NOT cancel online. The first person on the waiting list will automatically get added but might not want to be at such late notice. Contact the walk leader directly (not necessarily Jane) and we can then contact people on the waiting list to replace you. The walk leader’s number is in the walk description

15) Cancelling Online Sessions – as with walks, if it’s less than 24hrs before please contact Jane directly. If there’s only 2 of you booked on and you cancel, Jane might not notice until just before the session, leaving the other person to have a 1-2-1 they don’t really want

Updated: November 26, 2020 — 5:00 pm